North Korean students in the Hungarian revolution and freedom fight in 1956

HE Mózes Csoma (Ambassador of Hungary)
Tuesday, January 7, 2020 -
7:30pm to 9:00pm
Second floor Residents’ Lounge, Somerset Palace
10,000won for non-members; 5,000won for student non-members (with student ID); free for members

Royal Asiatic Society, Korea Branch lecture series

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North Korean students

in the Hungarian revolution and freedom fight in 1956


In the 1950s around 1000 North Korean orphans and students were studying in Hungary. That was the first time that a sizeable East Asian community settled in Hungary and remained there for a number of years. This was also the first time that the Hungarian population encountered people from East Asia. The purpose of this lecture is to tell about the first interaction between these two faraway cultures. Another goal is to show the North Korean students’ role in the Hungarian revolution and anti Soviet freedom fight in 1956. Many former Hungarian freedom fighters declared that, during the time of the Hungarian revolution, they had got a lot of help from North Korean students. Most of these students already had war experience, as the men in their twenties had already fought in the battlefields of the Korean War. However their role in the Hungarian revolution has been very little known up to recent times. The lecture also reveals what happened next to the North Korean students, after their repatriation back to North Korea in December 1956.

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Mózes Csoma received his PhD degree from from the Zrínyi National Defense (now NKE) University in 2007. Already from 2006, he started giving lectures at Corvinus University in Budapest. In 2008 he became an assistant professor at ELTE University. He was responsible for establishing and managing the country’s first ever Korean Department there. From February 2018, he has served as a senior research fellow at the NKE in Budapest. The field of his research is Korean history, the differences between the South Korean and North Korean point of view on the common history, and the history of Hungarian-Korean relations. He frequently gives lectures at international conferences, and has published several books in Hungarian, Korean and English. His most recent English publication is “A History of Korea - Through a comparison of the two Koreas’ historical approaches” (Budapest, 2019). Since September 2018 he has been the Hungarian Ambassador to both South and North Korea.

Venue:          Second floor Residents’ Lounge, Somerset Palace,

                      Gwanghwamun (near Anguk Station, across street from Japanese Embassy)

                      * Somerset Palace is no longer providing free parking. 


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