"Sagyeong", Goryeo Traditional Illuminated Sutra Copy

Sunday, December 8, 2019 -
2:30pm to 5:00pm
Korean Traditional History Research Institute
20,000won for members; 25,000won for non-members
Tour Leader: 
Ms. Cheryl Magnant
사진 설명이 없습니다. 

Sagyeong, Goryeo Traditional Illuminated Sutra Copy


Meeting Point:  Exit #8 (above ground), Hongik University subway station (Line 2). At 2:30 pm.

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Come and experience one of Korea’s hidden arts — the art of Goryeo traditional illuminated sutra copy (sagyeong) — and meet the artistic legend who both paints the artform and directs the Korean Traditional History Research Institute. 

Kim Kyung Ho, director of the Korean Traditional History Research Institute, will give experiential background to the history and art of using gold ink in traditional illuminated sutra copy.  To experience the richness of this ancient art, we will visit the education room of the research institute which houses a rich mixture of poetry, calligraphy, paintings and Buddhist scriptures, all painstakingly painted in gold. Director Kim will guide us through the institute and give example of the minute detail and technique of painting with Asian-calligraphy gold ink. He will also introduce us to several unusual pieces and give historical background and tell how they are currently valued and appreciated.

In addition to the history of gold inking of traditional Buddhist pieces, he will explain and demonstrate the technique used in achieving the delicacy and balance of an art piece, and differentiate on the tools used to achieve the maximum amount of beauty.


사진 설명이 없습니다.

Reference YouTube’s “Samadhi + Art = Sagyeong, Korean Traditional Illuminated Sutra Exhibition”  


Director and master artist Kim has a 40-year-long love affair with art in its traditional and modern form. Not only has he been described as a living history legend of Korean contemporary art but more significantly he has been appointed sole Traditional Sutra Copying Skills Transmitter by the Korean Ministry of Employment and Labor. His pursuit of art began in elementary school when he learned the reflective writing of East Asian calligraphy. In high school he began winning first place art prizes, and in college he won the National Assembly Chairman’s Award. Korea’s first “Buddhist Sutra competition” in 1997 won him first place again as well as gaining him interest as a very talented artist and recognition by the Korea Cultural Heritage Institute. Illustrated poems, books, paintings and Buddhist scriptures followed. Currently he pioneers the promotion of gold ink exhibitions, book publications and video productions of sagyeong, the ancient traditional art of Korean sutra copying.

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